Scouting Reports




Written Scouting Reports:

In person evaluations of the specific player during games.  Highlighting 3 different criteria.

  1. Strengths
  2. Areas of Improvement
  3. Overall Thoughts/Suggestions


Example Player Assessment (1 Game)


What I love most is your competitiveness, you never take plays off,  your motor is always running. Even when you are struggling on offense you are defending on the perimeter, playing the passing lane, and making plays on defense. Good athlete who can start a fast break, create for himself and others in transition. Good shooter when given time and space.

Areas to Improve

As aggressive as you are on defense I would like to see that carry over to the offensive side.  When you catch the ball, I would like you facing up to the basket and looking to attack. No wasted dribbles, east and west. Always want those dribbles going towards the basket. Too many turnovers from questionable decision making. I would like to see you make the simple play instead of the flashy play. On defense, making sure you are in a position to help off the ball. At times can you lose sight of the ball and your man.

Overall Thoughts

Your ability to shoot off the dribble (mid-range game) will take you to the next level offensively.  You are a two level scorer right now but being able to score at all three levels (layups, mid-range game, three-point shot) will expand your game on the offensive side. continue to working on moving without the ball and cutting to the basket. Don’t become over-reliant on jacking up tough threes. Continue to maintain focus and defensive awareness for entire possessions especially when off the ball (help side, seeing the ball and the man, steeping in with your body not your hands).



1 Game –    $80

2 Games –  $140

3 Games – $180